We will help keep your business premises beautiful with a wide variety of professional power cleaning services. We offer pressure washing services for commercial roofs, hotels, shopping centers, and parking garages. No matter the kind of commercial property you operate or own, maintaining exterior elements clean is essential for creating a good first impression and displaying a professional image. Pressure cleaning also prolongs the service life of buildings, patios, and sidewalks as well as promoting the safety of your property.
At Boca Pressure Washing, we understand that you need your business in the best condition possible. That’s why we do not cut corners when it comes to washing your property`s interior. We know the unique needs of commercial clients, and you can count on us to meet your requirements on time and at an affordable price. 
Some of our commercial building cleaning services include:
Sidewalk washing: We will ensure your sidewalks give a good first impression with their state of the art eco-friendly agents and washing equipment. 
Loading dock cleaning: Over time, concrete loading docks transform from bright to dark and stained. Our trained professionals use the right technique and tools to restore your loading dock without degrading the surface.
Building Exterior Washing: Eliminate mildew, dirt, and exhaust residue from your exterior with the help of our exterior cleaning services. We use appropriate chemicals and material for the best power washing service. 
Rust Stain Removal: Get rid of unsightly orange stains that result from rust, battery acid, and fertilizers with the help of our effective and safe rust removal service.